Tax Help

You can get tax help here in any of the following ways.

Online guides

We have free online guides on many subjects, and some of them are quite extensive. For example, we have more than 30 pages dealing with Roth retirement accounts, and within our guide to capital gains we’ll tell you more than you want to know about the wash sale rule in 9 pages on that topic. A menu that will get you into these guides appears at the top of every page on this site.

Reference Room

Tax rates, standard deductions, limits on retirement plan contributions and more can be found in ourĀ Reference Room.

Filing Season

When the time comes, we’ll post news, reminders and other information relating to the current tax filing season.

Our Books

VisitĀ Books from Fairmark Press for a list of titles on stock option planning, capital gains, and Roth retirement accounts, as well as a primer covering the basics of investing.