Roth Distributions

These pages are part of our free online Guide to Roth Retirement Accounts. This section deals with distributions, the final stage in the life cycle of a Roth account.

Our book: Go Roth! provides a complete, authoritative, plain language explanation of rules and strategies for all types of Roth accounts.

Distribution Overview
The main rules for distributions from Roth IRAs.

Tax-Free Distributions from Roth IRAs
Rules for tax-free distributions from Roth IRAs.

First-Time Homebuyer
Requirements to be considered a first-time homebuyer under IRA rules.

Taxable Distributions from Roth IRAs
Here’s what happens when you take a Roth IRA distribution that doesn’t qualify to be tax-free.

Distributions After a Roth IRA Conversion
Tax treatment of amounts withdrawn from a Roth IRA after you’ve made a conversion from a traditional IRA.

Inherited Roth IRA
Rules for distributions from an inherited Roth IRA.

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