These pages are part of our free online Guide to Roth Retirement Accounts. This section deals with recharacterizations, which allow you to retroactively change certain actions taken earlier. Recharacterizations cannot be used to undo post-2017 conversions, but are still available for other transactions.

Our book: Go Roth! provides a complete, authoritative, plain language explanation of rules and strategies for all types of Roth accounts.

Recharacterization Overview
Overview of how to undo a Roth IRA mistake by recharacterizing a contribution or conversion.

Recharacterization Rules
A closer look at the rules for recharacterizations.

Roth IRA Reconversion to Save Taxes
Under prior law, a way to save tax dollars if the value of your Roth IRA declines after a conversion.

Extended Deadline for Recharacterizations
You can recharacterize certain Roth IRA transactions until October 15 of the following year, even if you did not file for an extension.

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