Capital Gains and Losses

This extensive guide covers all kinds of rules regarding capital gains and losses.

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Detailed guidance

Capital Gain Basics
This section offers an introduction for those who are new to the subject of capital gains and losses or want a review of basic concepts.

Capital Losses
Find answers to questions about capital losses, including the $3,000 loss limitation, the wash sale rule, and how to claim a loss from worthless securities.

Selling Stock
Look here for answers to with frequently asked questions about tax consequences of selling stock, including how to handle multiple lots, and what is the last day to sell if you want to claim a loss this year.

Stock Basis and Holding Period
When you sell stock you need to know its basis (used to calculate gain or loss) and holding period (to determine whether it’s short-term or long-term). There are different rules depending on how you acquired the stock.

The Wash Sale Rule
This rule can postpone or even eliminate a loss deduction if you buy a replacement shortly before or after selling an investment at a loss.

Selling Mutual Fund Shares
You can use averaging to determine your basis in these shares, but you don’t have to. There are other special rules that apply only the mutual fund shares.

Tax Guide for Traders
If you’re active enough in buying and selling stocks to make it a business, you may be considered a trader as that term is used in the tax law.

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