2023 Tax Figures

Here are the 2023 tax figures in some of the most important categories.

We have other pages giving 2023 tax brackets and 2023 retirement contribution limits and HSA numbers. Figures for previous years are available in our Reference Room.

Standard deduction

Standard deduction, general rule
married filing jointly 27,700
head of household 20,800
single or separate 13,850
Additional amount for aged or blind
married 1,500
single 1,850
Standard deduction for dependent
minimum 1,250
or earned income plus 400

Education benefits

Education loan deduction begins to phase out
married filing jointly 155,000
others 75,000
Lifetime learning credit begins to phase out
married filing jointly 160,000
others 80,000
Savings bond interest exclusion begins to phase out
married filing jointly 137,800
others 91,850

Alternative minimum tax (“AMT”)

AMT exemption amount
married filing jointly 126,500
single 81,300
married filing separately 63,250
AMT exemption amount begins to phase out
married filing jointly 1,156,300
unmarried 578,150
married filing separately 578,150
AMT 28% rate begins
all except MFS 220,700
married filing separately 110,350

Estate and gift tax

Gift tax exclusion
individual 17,000
non-citizen spouse 175,000
Unified credit exclusion amount
individual 12,920,000

Standard mileage rates (in cents)

When not claiming actual expenses
business 65.5
basis reduction 28
medical and moving 22
charitable 14

More tax figures: Reference Room

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