2023 Retirement Contribution Limits

Here are 2023 retirement contribution limits, together with HSA limits and related figures.

Figures on this page are adjusted for inflation each year. Also available are 2023 tax brackets and other tax figures, including personal exemptions. For prior year figures, visit our Reference Room.

IRA contributions

IRA contribution limit
Under age 50 6,500
50 or older 7,500
Deduction phaseout begins (employer plan participants)
married filing jointly 116,000
single or head of household 73,000
Roth IRA contribution phaseout begins
married filing jointly 218,000
single or head of household 138,000

Employer plans

Elective deferrals (401k, 403b)
under age 50 22,500
50 or older 30,000
SIMPLE accounts
limitation 15,500

Retirement savings contribution credit

Married filing jointly
50% up to 43,500
20% up to 47,500
10% up to 73,000
Head of household
50% up to 32,625
20% up to 35,625
10% up to 54,750
Other taxpayers
50% up to 21,750
20% up to 23,750
10% up to 36,500

Social Security

Wage base
Announced by SSA 160,200

Health savings account (HSA)

Annual limitation on deductions
self-only coverage 3,850
family coverage 7,750
Minimum annual deductible
self-only coverage 1,500
family coverage 3,000
Maximum out-of-pocket expenses
self-only coverage 7,500
family coverage 15,000

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