Reference Room

Our Reference Room offers an easy way to find tax figures that changeĀ from time to time, as well as information about tax legislation.

Current figures

2017 Tax Rate Schedules
These tax rate schedules are for tax year 2017 (returns filed in 2018).

2017 Tax Figures Adjusted for Inflation
(includes 2016 figures)
Personal exemption, standard deduction, and other figures of importance to taxpayers.

2017 Retirement Account and HSA Figures
(includes 2016 figures)
Retirement plan contribution limits and other useful figures.


Surface Transportation Act of 2015
Enacted July 31, 2015, this law includes changes in tax compliance rules.

Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014
Enacted at the end of 2014, this law includes “extenders” that prevent various tax provisions from expiring, and creates ABLE accounts.