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Reference Room, tax season news, guides on additional topics.

Reference Room
Tax brackets and other figures, together with information about recent legislation.

Tax season

IRS Announces 2024 Direct File Pilot
IRS has announced a 2024 pilot for a program that will make it possible to prepare and file returns directly with the IRS.

Kids and college

Taxation of Minors
Tax returns for minors, the kiddie tax, and other issues.

UTMA and UGMA Custodial Accounts for Minors
Comprehensive guidance on how to handle these investment accounts for minors.

529 Accounts
Our pages dealing with these college savings accounts.

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
An extensive guide to this alternative to 529 accounts.

General taxation

Tax Basics
Explaining topics such as your tax bracket and the tax rules for gifts.

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
AMT applies to far fewer people than in the past, but it’s still an issue for some.

Estimated Taxes
If withholding doesn’t fully pay your taxes, you may have to make payments of estimated tax.

Relief from Spousal Liability
Guidance on how to avoid having to pay taxes that should have been paid by your spouse, or ex.

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