Will I receive a stimulus check after 2019 tax filing?

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    I have not yet filed for 2019 tax. I am ready to file tomorrow.

    My income for 2018 was unusual because I had an unexpected, unplanned and unavoidable capital gains due to having left my employment and had to exercise and sold my employee stocks upon exit. The selling of that stock caused my 2018 gross income to be high, and not qualified for the COVID stimulus assistance.

    My 2019 income is much lower, and when I file next week, will that new filing allow me to qualify for the stimulus assistance?

    I understand for those who filed for 2019 early, they would determine your qualification for stimulus based on 2019, otherwise they would use 2018. I know my 2018 income was too high but my 2019 is back down to normal, but I am not filing until now, so will I still receive stimulus payment or did I miss it?


    not sure………… https://www.marketwatch.com/story/where-is-my-stimulus-check-will-i-ever-receive-one-or-is-it-too-late-i-did-not-qualify-based-on-my-2018-tax-return-but-i-meet-the-requirements-for-2019-2020-05-15

    see what you think based on linked article…….my impression is that you get a chance based on 2020 income which won’t be filed until next April.
    Since 2018 was your “odd” yr, sounds like you might qualify based on 2020.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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