Which line on Form 1040 to enter amount of 403(b) => Roth IRA?

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    I had a rollover / Roth conversion from my tax-deferred 403(b) (TIAA) to my Roth IRA last year.

    1) I understand it will be taxed, but where (which line) do I enter this amount on the Form 1040? Or do I need an additional form–if so, which form?

    2) Does such rollover/conversion count toward the income limit for Roth IRA contribution?

    Alan S.

    1) No additional form needed – report the 1099R on line 5a of Form 1040 with the taxable amount on 5b. Enter “rollover” next to 5b.

    2) No. Determination of your MAGI for Roth contribution purposes does not count this Roth rollover. It is subtracted from your AGI for Roth regular contribution purposes.


    Thank you very much, Alan. That’s good to know.
    (this is related to something you helped me with earlier: https://fairmark.com/forum/topic/403b-roth-ira-after-age-59-1-2/)
    Happy New Year!

    Diane silva

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