Under what situations not taking SSA after 70 make sense?

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    Understand one gets a larger SSA benefit when delay taking at 70, and there is no more additional benefit taking after 70.

    But, are there combination of situations where it might make sense not to take SSA for several/many years after reaching 70? Such as trying to convert large T-IRA balance to Roth IRA, convert as much T-IRA to Roth IRA before RMD kick in, manage AGI to avoid paying additional/next higher tier Medicare Part B & D premium, etc.

    One not need SSA to cover current/future years expense. Life time goal/wish are accumulating the largest asset and pass to heirs tax free.

    What other factors not mentioned that one should include in the analysis so not leave/lose any money on the table?


    I guess you’d have to run your own numbers to be sure but I’d be surprised if it paid to skip taking SS past 70. If you took SS at 70, the question is whether you would get more than if you didn’t take it.
    If it were taxed at highest bracket of 37% and state took 13%, that’s 50%.
    SS seems like it would be unlikely to move you more than 2 IRMAA brackets which might increase your Medicare cost by 5K so does reducing SS by 50%
    plus 5K leave you w/ any net SS? If SS is 20K, you would still net 5K so would still be better off than not taking.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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