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    Following an edit to a reply submission (topic: “Does a “cash liquidation distribution” count as a ‘tax loss sale’?”), the edited version no longer displayed and the error message shown below appeared instead:

    “Error: Duplicate reply detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that.”

    I made several further attempts to post, but with the same result.
    Here is the intended text, which I’ll try again to post at its correct location — https://fairmark.com/forum/topic/does-a-cash-liquidation-distribution-count-as-a-tax-loss-sale/ — at a later time (unless I see that it actually did already post, in spite of the error message displayed):

    Sorry for the delay.

    Based on my recollections of Yahoo! (the original entity) stock history, and stockholder displeasure with the company’s management, I’m pretty sure that ‘gain’ won’t apply, either now or at any time in the future.

    Therefore, if I understand you correctly, since there were no additional purchases or sales following the original purchase, unless total non-dividend distributions since the original purchase exceed the original basis I shouldn’t have any tax considerations until the final distribution occurs.

    I will look into this further. Thanks again.

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