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    I have a couple of questions that someone here might be able to help with. For background, I am trying to decide whether or not to start an LLC for a private hedge fund for friends/family. Firstly I want to know if taxes on LLCs are different and/or separate from income tax. Are LLC taxed more heavily than income tax? I would be the owner of the hedge fund but also it’s only employee. I am hoping to pay myself around $3000 a month, while my profit margin on the hedge fund would be much more. The account for the hedge fund would belong to the LLC and I typically do day trades – so usually short term capital gains, which I think is taxed similarly to income. My second question is based on my plan to day trade – does the LLC also pay short term capital gains tax?

    Third question which is a little unrelated but I want to know if I am able to operate one LLC that does both the private hedge fund and also a resale business on amazon? Or would those have to be two separate entities?

    I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance on this topic!

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