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    I am aware of 2 softwares (tradelog and gainskeeper) people use to go through their trade records and calculate / report form FORM 8949.

    Though they do some primitive work after the fact for year end tax reporting, they are so primitive in the information they provide to

    a) the info is spread across multiple reports instead of single location
    b) they do not provide the before data along with after data, when they adjust a trade a wash sale(purchdate before altering inaddition to adjusted purchase date that includes previous holding days, purchase price before adding the previous wash sale disallowed amt in addition to adjusted basis)
    c) No easy way to compare the form 8949 from the software to form 1099-b from broker to identify if some transactions are missing in the software, that are present in the broker stt.
    d) they do not take into account some option trans that are definitely going to expire worthless within 30 days.
    e) do not help insights before making the trade to maximise the loss or minimise the loss for current year

    1. Does any one know of any better software wash sale reporting at a price resonable for individual investor?

    2. I am willing to document and/or write such a software for non-profit, if some one can point me to the extensive reference on how wash sale must be calculated between stock, options etc (book/pdf/ irs document). Publication 550 does not help much. This site has some half a dozen decent article, but is not exhaustive.

    if someone can point me in the right direction, I appreciate.

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