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    My Brother-in-law received a letter from Social Security last week
    thanking him for notifying them of an address change. As he didn’t
    do that, he went to the local office to inquire.
    When he filed for Social Security about 20 years ago he did it at
    the local Social Security office, and never set up his account
    online. It appears someone got his personal info and went to SSA
    and “set up” his account and giving a different address and telephone #.
    They had not yet changed the routing numbers to another checking a/c.
    So for individuals who never set up an accont online BEWARE!
    My question is if he applies for an IP pin can he use it with a
    paper return. He does not and has never e-filed and is even
    less likely to “trust” computers than before.



    Yes, he can use it on a paper copy of Form 1040. It is placed in the appropriate block on the signature line of the 1040. Tom

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