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    My wife had an Ira (Traditional) and Roth at Capital One. They announced

    they were getting out of the “IRA business” and were transferring all accounts to some company I never heard of. She went to Citibank

    to get both accounts transferred there. Citibank would not let her

    transfer the Roth to them because she did not have a Roth with them (??? Don’t ask) so she closed it to do a Rollover. After 5 weeks Capital One claimed they never got the correct forms from Citibank so she closed the IRA¬† because they were about to Transfer it to the other institution. I know you can only do 1 Rollover in any 12 month period, but because one is a Traditional and the other a Roth, does that rule NOT apply??






    Alan S.

    I have been trying to respond, but the site is blocking me…


    Thanks for the effort Alan.

    I have retired from Tax Preparation and let my EA credentials expire and no longer have access to Manuals, Resources, etc and figured I could get

    a response from Fairmark, and most likely from you. I remember  the site from many years ago and how busy it was and when Kaye started

    writing about Capital Gains. Times have changed.

    Thanks again for trying,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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