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    Due to pandemic I worked remotely 100% last year for the same company. My employer is in SC, but I’m a resident of NC. The company withheld SC tax all year long.

    I received W-2 and they definitely look odd and I’m a bit worried whether FreeTax USA will be able to handle this or whether I’ll end up be taxed double or something. I emailed my company’s payroll to enlighten me but I’m afraid I’m left on my own since that department in Mexico (the company itself is an American company though).

    All three (Federal, NC, and SC) copies appear to match in Boxes 1 through 13, what differs is the state related info on each:

    Federal Copy:

    – says “Total State” in Box 15 for Employer’s State ID;

    – shows the amount of SC w/h tax in Box 17, and Boxes 16, 18-20 are blank.

    SC Copy:

    – Shows SC and employer’s ID in Box 15;

    – The amount in Box 16 “State wages” is the same as in Box 1;

    – Box 17 shows the SC tax w/h.

    NC Copy:

    – Shows NC and employer’s ID in Box 15;

    – Box 16 shows some kind of amount of wages, but I don’t know how it was determined. It’s slighty more than 50.5% of the amount in Box 1;

    – Boxes 17-20 area blank.


    – Should I enter all three W-2’s as they are shown? I’m guessing that’s the only way or otherwise I’m tinkering with the legal information.

    – My concern that the tax software will not know how to handle a tax credit on the NC return and will just add an addn’l tax on the amount displayed in the Box 16 of the NC w-2 copy.

    Any advise how to research these questions. Not sure if I don’t run out of time to find a tax preparer if I must go this route (this would be my first time ever).

    If anyone can offer thoughts on this situation, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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