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    I’m having difficulty with interpretation of Line 30 which affects Lines 2 and 3, I think.

    We had 2 kids (under 13) in day camps (equal time).
    We spent $4,330 in total or $2,165/each.
    Pre-tax contributions of $4,000 total to FSA in 2018.
    Both parents worked and earned say $100k and $50K.
    We are MFJ.
    ———–Trying to figure out how to do Form 2441 correctly———-
    I must show $4,330 on Line 1, but then I would need to show only $165 for each child on Line 2, is that correct?
    Line 27 would be $6k
    Line 28 would be $4K
    Line 29 would be $2K
    I’m stumbling on Line 30. Can you confirm that I cannot show $4,330 total expense and that it must be $330 (after reducing it by $4k benefit).

    Thank you.


    $330 on line 30 is correct. Reducing total expenses by the exclusion prevents you from getting a double benefit from (in your situation) the first $4,000 of child care expenses.

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    Thank you, Ruth, for your response. This helped me and I can proceed filing our taxes. It will be a relief to have it done.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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