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    Hi, I joined the Fairmark forum 9 years ago and started a handful of discussions over the years. This is my first visit to the new forum.

    I’m trying to access a particular discussion I started back in 2011, as it had information that’s relevant to a tax issue I’m presently dealing with. I tried the WayBackMachine but was only able to find one of my bookmarked discussions captured on that platform. Unfortunately, not the one I need.

    Are the discussions from the previous forum not archived somewhere?

    Kaye Thomas

    I regret to say that for technical reasons, it was not possible to continue offering the older content.


    Wow, I wish I had been notified of this at the time. I could have taken screenshots or otherwise copied my discussions. In hindsight, I should have done so in any case. Anyway, I appreciate your reply.


    Thanks for mentioning the Wayback Machine.


    I was able to find a thread I started here in 2010.


    The thread spans 2010-2012 suggesting that threads from 2011 may in fact be available. You need the last date in the thread. A manual search is then required after using the calendar feature provided on the site.

    I did discover that the 2018 updates to my thread were not archived so unfortunately the thread is not 100% complete.


    @Kawill, I had the direct URL for the thread of interest (from my bookmark), so had it been archived, I would have found it.

    Manually searching through snapshots of the forum feed pages is useful if you don’t know the URL. If you find it listed in the subforum feed, it’s hit or miss when you drill down to the thread itself.

    In general, if a thread is archived in *any* snapshot (regardless of capture date), then it’s always accessible using the URL. I’ve spent a fair amount of time using the wayback machine over the years =:-o

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    Thanks for the information. I have many earlier Fairmark forum links and tried a number of searches. Only a few of the threads were archived by the WayBack Machine. One thing I noticed is that I had to remove the specific message ID at the end of each link starting with the last comma. Otherwise, the site would state that the thread was not archived.

    It’s unfortunate that more of this site was not archived. I need to review the WayBack Machine FAQ to understand how the archiving process works.

    Regardless, I think Fairmark forum users will be happy to know that at least some of the earlier threads have been archived.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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