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    I suppose this forum only covers federal tax…. but since I tried to call NY tax dept. and was told the waiting time is an hour, if anyone could answer me here I’d be lucky:

    The question is simply about the enhanced fillable PDF Form IT 201. It automatically computes and fill out some blanks after you filled some previous figures. But starting at one point, it doesn’t accept any entry any more.

    That’s after the computation of NY state tax (automatically computed and filled by the form itself, but the number is wrong because according to instructions, when AGI is more than $107650 one needs to use a worksheet to compute, with different tax rate brackets).

    After the NY state tax, it’s City tax. That’s when I couldn’t type in anything.

    Anyone had the same problem? I suspect the enhanced fillable forum can’t be used for those who can’t use tax table and need worksheet to compute taxes?

    I’d like to know if I may still use the first 2 pages of the enhanced fillable form (since it’s more readable than hand-written entries), then continue the rest parts with paper form. Or if I should completely fill out paper form.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

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