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    Kaye…….thanks for poking into that “Forum Swallowing Posts”topic. Thought I’d post this as a separate topic….just in case…………….. ……..again don’t know if it is just me……when I look at the Forum page which contains all the different sub-forums, I look at the last poster and date. If the last post is over 24 hrs ago and the last poster is me, I assume that there are no new posts and skip that sub-forum.

    I just discovered that that info is not necessarily the same on the main forum page compared to the sub-forum so there may be more recent posts than the main forum page suggests. The retirement sub-forum is one. Curiously some of the other sub-forums seem ok……..typically ones I haven’t posted in recently.

    Kaye Thomas

    I’ve discovered there is some kind of glitch in our forum software, which may be why we’re seeing some unusual behavior. I’ve requested help from the forum for this software. Unfortunately, although this software has a good reputation and is used on many websites, it’s maintained by volunteers who do this in time they can spare from their main jobs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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