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    Do I need to continue to file NY non-resident IT-203 tax form now that I no longer have NY source income?

 I have not been a NY resident since 1966, but up until the end of 2017 had NY source income due to investment apartments owned there and had always filed IT-203.

    I am also beneficiary of a NY (resident) trust which gives me a K1 form every year. The K1 typically has <$400 of entries all due to stock/bond investments. Trustees and CPA for trust has indicated that none of the money reflected in K1 is NY source income. The Trust does own some NY real estate and Trust files NY and IRS fiduciary returns.

    I anticipate when I complete my IRS return (on extension) and that if I were to use Turbo Tax to do a NY return that there would be no NY tax.

    I know that NY is notorious in pursuing non-residents and wonder if it is safer to continue to file NY IT-203 for a few years even if it shows zero tax owed. My NY 2017 taxes paid were about $4k.

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