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    As an educational tool to show the new 1040, a creative person, copied & pasted both sides of the 1040 postcard onto one side of a normal page, then did a similar thing to put Sch 1/2 on one pg, Sch 3/4/5 on another, and Sch 6 on another. The actual creation is done on both sides of a page so everything fits on two pages.

    Does anyone have any thoughts/experience as to whether IRS would object to using these? I can see that if you use a double-sided page they might overlook the back side but if you used single sided pages, would that be a problem?

    I know that IRS has been getting later and later about send out forms…….late Feb/March seems to be the recent history so if you have to print your own, why not make something more reasonable.

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    Kaye Thomas

    Of course IRS has no objection to using these for educational purposes, but don’t even think about filing a return on forms altered in this manner. When possible they process returns by scanning them, and their scanning software wouldn’t be able to scan these returns.


    Thanks, Kaye. That’s what the creator told me (not the scanning part, just the don’t do it part)but I was a skeptic. Guess I’ll have to give up that idea…..very reluctantly.


    Does the same go for forms from a different year w/ the incorrect year crossed off and corrected……even if the line numbers are the same as current yr.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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