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    Hello Kaye:

    This has been a great site and useful resource for many years. But ever since the hosting service was changed the site’s usefulness has gone way down. I would say it has become practically unusable.

    There are so many spam posts, and regular users seem to have abandoned the site. Very few posts get any reasonable on-topic response. So, even those why try to use it may quite out of frustration.

    There should be a better conduit to channel your knowledge, energy, and willingness, to help people.

    Kaye Thomas

    Thanks for the message. There are a number of comments I might make, but for starts I’m surprised to learn you’re troubled by spam posts. We use software that catches the vast majority. The rest normally get cleaned up within a short time after they’re posted, though admittedly there are times they slip through the cracks and remain visible for a day or two. I was under the impression visitors here would rarely see them. As I think about it, I realize registered visitors can subscribe to one or more of the forums, and then they’d see everything posted to that forum, including the spam. Is that your situation? Subscribed to one or more forums? If not, we’ll have to see if we can be more vigilant about prompt removal of the stuff that escapes our software screening, because you shouldn’t see much of that unless you’re subscribed or constantly monitoring the forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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