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    Understand have until 07/15 to file and pay Federal and some states (like mine) follow Federal.

    If I file both Federal and State returns on 05/15, can I pay both tax owe on 07/15 via online without incur interest and penalty or must file and pay at the same time?

    What about Q1 Estimate tax for Federal and State? Do I have until 07/15 to pay Q1? When pay online, does it matter to both tax bodies if I separate or combine Q1 and Q2?

    If I have not filed 2019 for both tax bodies by 04/15, are they expecting 2020 Q1 Estimate tax payment by 04/15?


    Deadline for Federal filing, payment of stuff normally due 4/15 is now 7/15. You can file early and pay by deadline and be ok.

    Note that Q2 est tax is still due regular time 6/15.

    Your state has it own rules.


    I remain a bit confused based on my situation.

    I filed my 2019 Federal return in early March. However, I did not yet pay what I owe for 2019 or my 2020 Q1 estimated Federal tax. Can I hold off paying both until 7/15 or do I need to pay what I owe for 2019 by 7/15 and my Q1 estimated by 6/15?


    2019 balance and 2020 Q1 est.tax due 7/15 (both normally due 4/15 but postponed). 2020 Q2 est. tax due 6/15 as normal (whether by design or not, Q2 payment due before Q1 payment).


    The Q2 due date before the Q1 due date obviously makes no sense. Has that been corrected yet?
    And NY state did the same. Does anyone know the Q2 due date for NY?


    yes………..everything is now due 7/15……..tax return, balamce die. amd the 2 quarterly estimated tax payments.

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    If you earn at least two-thirds of your gross income from farming or fishing, you do not have to make payments by the dates above. You can if you’d like, but it isn’t necessary. Instead, you should do either of the following: Pay all of your estimated tax for the 2019 tax year by January 15, 2020.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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