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    My 17 year old son who is a High School student did Egaming (Fortnite) and won $8K in a tournament in August 2018. The organization he signed the contract with states he is an independent contractor. He recvd a 2018 1099-MISC that lists the $8K in box 3 as other income & $2,100.00 in box 4 as Fed Income Tax withheld. No other taxes were withheld & there are no amts in any other boxes. I’m on turbo tax trying to to do my son’s Fed taxes, & this seems more complicated than I’m used to. It asks”were you actively involved in the daily operations of the business in 2018?” & also asks “Which accounting method did you use, cash, accrual or other”? Does anyone know how to answer those questions? He’s just a kid who played a game & one some money. The organization he played for released all players in 2019, so he wont be an independent contractor for 2019.

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