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    When taking a home office deduction, and not using simplified method, should only half of each indirect expense (half of each expense, like rent, for the whole apartment) be reported, in the situation of being married but filing separately, and these expenses, like rent, were shared equally?

    For example, if the rent to live in our apartment were 30K a year, would I only be allowed to report 15K as the indirect rent expense for my home office if I’m married and filing separately? (which would only result in 1.5K deduction if my office is 10% of the apartment) If so, is that also true for married filing jointly, or could I report the whole 30K as an indirect rent expense, when filing jointly?

    Also, do I need to have records of transactions (such as transfers from my bank account to hers or to a joint account) that prove I reimbursed my spouse for my half of each indirect expense, if she paid those expenses out of bank her account, and I reimbursed her? Both our names are on the lease and all utility accounts, but if she pays those expenses and I reimburse her for half, do I need records that prove this when filing separately? Would that also be required when filing jointly?

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    I am certainly not a professional, but I think that it is better that you have everything in your hands, and at any time you can provide the necessary document.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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