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    For 2018, a partner in a business (filing Form 1065) earned $100,000 through the business. The business has a 401k plan which allows for employee pre-tax contributions, employer contributions and employee after-tax contributions. The individual requested that $18,500 be contributed on his behalf as a employee pre-tax contribution and the employer made a $10,000 contribution. Additionally, the individual chose to make a $25,000 after-tax contribution as allowed by the plan but that contribution is done directly (ie by the individual, not by the business on his behalf).

    1. On the K-1, should both the employee($18500) and employer ($10000) contributions be listed under 13 R or do these end up broken out somehow or end up on line 18?

    2. Does the individual need to report the $25,000 after-tax contribution anywhere on his individual tax report, if so where? Non-deductible IRA contributions are reported on Form 8606 but what about after-tax 401-k?

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