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    Some facts:
    -In 2018 I retired, but I contributed to the megacorp 401(k) until August
    -The 401(k) had a Roth component, and in 2018 I contributed $1,208 to it, in addition to regular 401(k) contribution
    -I contributed less than $24,500 to both, which is the IRS max for 2018
    -Our 2018 Married Filing Joint income was less than $199,000
    -In January 2019, I moved my 401(k) to Vanguard, with my 401(k) funds now living in a new IRA, and my Roth money moved to a Roth account previously established at Vanguard
    -I am 62 years old

    So, my question is, since I’m now outside the confines of the corporate 401(k), can I now contribute $5,292 to my Roth, one last time, for 2018, for a total of $6,500 to the Roth? Obviously, the limits for IRA/Roth contributions are far lower than the 401(k)/Roth limits, and I just don’t want to run into problems. I sat on hold to talk to Vanguard for 20 minutes and got bored, and thought I’d ask the experts here.

    Let me know what info I forgot to include to help answer the question. Thanks much. I’m new here, so forgive any newbie misfires.


    Alan S.

    Your Roth IRA contribution limit is not affected by the amounts you contributed to the 401k plan. Therefore, if you have enough earned income in Box 1 of your 2018 W-2 and if your joint modified AGI for Roth purposes is under 189k, you can make a maximum 6500 regular Roth IRA contribution for 2018.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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