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Alan S.

1) It would still be a 5000 QCD since QCDs are deemed to apply to pre tax IRA values until they are exhausted (similar to a rollover to a qualified plan). Instead, if the IRA owner made a QCD of 82,000 which would have to include 2000 of basis, the result is as you anticipated. There would be a QCD of 80,000 and a non taxable distribution of 2000 reported as made to the IRA owner, that the IRA owner contributed to charity. That 2000 could be itemized if the IRA owner was able to itemize. Note that QCDs are not reported on Form 8606 as distributions since the 8606 would pro rate the distribution.

2) This question refers to the fairly punitive anti abuse provision of the Secure Act which offsets QCDs by the amount of any deducted TIRA contribution made in the year taxpayer turned 70.5 or later. You are correct that your 1400 QCD would be reduced by that 1000 deduction to 400. You would report a 400 QCD with a 1400 taxable distribution. If you can itemize, you could itemize that 1000 distribution on Sch A.