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Thanks Alan S. It’s comforting to know the IRS will recognize this as VALIC’s computation. How does one go about talking to a plan administrator when you are only given a contact for a call center?

This turned into a venting so the rest of this is just that.

I would like to pose questions to someone other than a call center go-between but I don’t see a way to do that. I have to assume the vested amount is the total amount. That is what the UTEP letter said and I have not been told otherwise during the current RMD withdrawal. The message I asked the call center to give the RMD people at VALIC was to please send me the numerator and denominator used in the calculation. I did not receive an answer. It’s frustrating having to go through this call center with messages. My attempt to make the manual withdrawal on the website account led to a message “Online distributions are not currently available from your plan account. Please complete a paper distribution request form to request a distribution.” When I click the link in the last sentence then a link to withdrawals, I get a list of radio buttons to select the reason I want a withdrawals. None of the reasons apply to a simple withdrawal. They are:
Separation from Service
Inservice Withdrawal of available funds other than hardship
Permanent and Total Disability
Spousal Beneficiary
Non-Spousal Beneficiary
Alternate Payee under Qualified Domestic Relations Order(QDRO)

If I just choose one, say, the first one, the website starts asking questions like the your date and reason for separation (retirement, termination). I just sent them all of that. I concluded that I couldn’t trust the call center or the website. The experience has felt like I was dealing with the vapor. The website shows the new balance but does not show that any transactions whatsoever have occurred in the account. I think they don’t update the transaction details until month’s end. So a change in balance but without any transactions.

Again, thanks. You have given me a little relief about the IRS.