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Alan S.

OK, so now you no longer have any inherited 401k accounts because both plans have now been rolled into IRAs that you own. The 401k plans have evidently paid out your 2019 beneficiary RMD before the transfers. If these beneficiary RMDs were the same amount that your husband was scheduled to take for 2019, they were probably more than the correct RMD. The IRS will not care about that, they only care if you receive less than the correct RMD.

For 2020, your IRA RMDs will be based on your age at the end of 2020 and calculated using the 12/31/2019 IRA balance. I assume that you do not have a Roth IRA or that your husband did not have a Roth 401k balance. Any Roth IRA you own is not subject to RMDs.