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Alan S.

Once you had the 401k accounts retitled with you as beneficiary, the 2019 RMD is calculated using your age and Table I. If the plan failed to recognize that, they made an error. The correct beneficiary RMD using your age would be larger than your husband’s as the owner of the plan. So the RMD you received was probably too low. Perhaps the plan will realize this at some point, but if you do not hear anything from the plan, you should not have to take any action. How is it that both 401k plans could have made the same error? That is highly unlikely, so perhaps some info is missing.

All of this 401k money has now been rolled into an IRA titled with you as owner, correct? If not, and the IRAs show you as the beneficiary, you should have them retitled. Your husband’s name should not show on these IRAs created by the rollovers from the 401k plans.

By law, the 401k must allow you to do a direct rollover to your own IRA.

If you also inherited an IRA that was his IRA all along, the rules are different. In that case you can elect to be treated as the owner (if you are the only beneficiary), and for 2019 your IRA RMD would be calculated using Table III. In 2020, if all the accounts are in owned IRAs, all the RMDs will be calculated using Table III.