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Alan S.

If he passed in 2018, you needed to complete his 2018 RMD. Perhaps you meant that you did that in 2019, but if so, you should have filed a 5329 for 2018 requesting waiver of the penalty. The IRS will grant that waiver, especially for deaths late in the year.

However, for the year 2019 you are treated as if YOU owned the IRA the entire year. If so, you would only have a 2019 RMD if you will have reached 70.5 by the end of 2019. If you are not yet 70.5. then you will have no RMD due for 2019 for the IRA.

As for the 401k that you rolled over, since you cannot own the 401k until the balance is in an IRA, the plan should have distributed to you a beneficiary RMD for 2019 and not included it in the rollover amount. That beneficiary RMD would be based on your age at the end of 2019. Therefore, the 401k is handled somewhat different than the IRA. Since that plan administrator knows both your ages, they should have handled the RMDs automatically when you did the rollover.