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When I decided to move my money over to the credit union (“CU”), the CU rep admitted she was not familiar with what a 403b and 401a. I was concerned reading somewhere that you were only allowed one rollover a year. Fidelity said that couldn’t be true because he had just helped someone rollover 10 accounts recently. I believe the credit union rep asked someone on her end and said that was true except for cases when the account was sponsored by a health organzation. So with that, I told Fidelity to close the accounts and the CU rep told Fidelity to make the checks out to the credit union on behalf of my name. The forms she sent me indicated it a HSA to HSA transfer to an IRA account in my name. It said HSA contribution at the top of the form. So my question is, are my 403b and 401a accounts (per Fidelity quarterly statements) considered some kind of IRA accounts? Is there a rule about one rollover a year? Thanks.