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Some threads do not get any meaningful responses for weeks or even months together. Only as the responses start coming any missing information or need for additional information becomes evident — especially because the person asking the question, presumably lacking subject matter expertise, doesn’t even realize the dependencies in the first place.

So, my preference would be to have it the way it used to be — sans any time limits.

It worked fine with people self identifying any changed/added information clearly and marking it as such. It would be good to leave it as a matter of etiquette and good practice than an imposed regulation.

Other bulletin boards that follow timed window for edits are typically for 1) comments only, 2) for subjects that are themselves time-dependent with limited shelf-life, and 3) typically involve multitudes of one-time or very occasional visitors/posters. In this forum, on the other hand, the interaction is two-way, the subjects are evergreen, and the user community is made up largely of a small number of repeat visitors.


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