That Thing Rich People Do

That Thing Rich People Do offers the easiest way yet to learn the principles of investing. Weighing in at just 136 pages, it conveys more knowledge than books twice as long, with charm and humor that make it a pleasure to read.

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Who it’s for

That Thing starts at the very beginning for those with no advance knowledge of the subject. Yet experienced investors are likely to be surprised at how much they learn from this little book. Do you know why a stock might go down, not up, when the company announces good news? Or how a hidden expense called the spread costs you money when you buy and sell stocks? Improve your results by gaining a more thorough knowledge of investing.

What you’ll learn

The book is divided into three parts. In Laying a Foundation you’ll learn about how money grows — compounding, the rule of 72, the effect of inflation — and why higher rewards always come with greater risks. In The Investor’s Toolbox, you’re introduced to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other categories of investments, as well as different types of investment accounts. Building a Strategy explains the key principles of investing that are taught by the experts, and shows how to put them in action. Whether you’re managing your 401k account at work, setting up your own investment account, or simply seeking to understand whether your advisor is doing a good job, you can use this book to obtain the financial literacy you need for a lifetime of investing.


“If  you’re confused and anxious about how to save and invest for retirement, “That Thing Rich People Do” may be just what you’ve been looking for. Kaye Thomas has written a concise, engaging book that will both inform and relax most investors, to say nothing of improve their bottom lines. Buy it, read it, and take it to heart.”
William J. Bernstein, author of The Intelligent Asset AllocatorThe Four Pillars of Investing, and The Investor’s Manifesto

“A top pick for any aiming to get money and keep it.”
Midwest Book Review

“This [brief explanation] of investing does not stray into the unconventional and can be trusted.”
Dave Gardner,

“An easy-to-read text that doesn’t require prior knowledge, this book teaches the key principles of investing. A suitable read for both seniors and grandchildren – anyone can benefit!”
Not Born Yesterday!

“Explains in plain English the secret of successful investing.”

Reader comments

“Would make a great stocking stuffer.”

“LOVE LOVE LOVE the wacky conversational tone.”

“The best explanation of annuities I’ve ever read. NOW I understand them.”


That Thing Rich People Do: Required Reading for Investors
by Kaye A. Thomas
Fairmark Press Inc.
Published June 2010
Trade paperback, 136 pages
ISBN 978-0-9792248-8-8

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