Go Roth!

The world of tax-free retirement savings is open to more people than ever, as employers add Roth accounts to 401k and other plans and Congress relaxes restrictions on Roth IRAs. This book explains how you can use Roth accounts to build and preserve retirement wealth.

About this edition

The 2023 edition is the sixth edition of this book. It reflects legal authorities as of June 30, 2023. This is a major revision, reflecting extensive changes in Secure Act 1.0 and Secure Act 2.0. This edition is now available from Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle versions.

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Who it’s for

Go Roth! is written in plain language so anyone with an interest in retirement savings will understand the clear explanations. It starts at the beginning, including such topics as how to start a Roth IRA, and covers basics of how to invest a retirement account.

The book provides thorough coverage of all the important rules and strategies, however, making it suitable for use as a reference by financial advisors or other professionals dealing with these kinds of accounts.

What it covers

Go Roth! is a complete guide to the rules and strategies for Roth accounts, organized around their life cycle, from the decision to use a Roth to the final liquidation of the account.

Part I: What Hath Roth Wrought

An introduction to the subject.

Part II: To Roth or Not to Roth

Understanding the benefits of using a Roth account — and the situations where it’s better to use a traditional retirement account.

Part III: Contributions to Roth Accounts

All the rules for contributions to Roth IRAs and Roth accounts in employer plans; qualifying for the retirement savings contributions credit; strategies such as backdoor Roth IRA contributions.

Part IV: Roth Conversions

An explanation of how Roth conversions work, including IRA conversions, direct conversions of employer accounts, and the new in-plan conversion opportunity; covers both basic and advanced conversion strategies.

V. Managing Your Account

Tax rules for investments; a general guide to investing a retirement account; rollovers and direct transfers.

Part VI: Taking Money Out

Rules for qualifying distributions; tax consequences of nonqualifying distributions; liquidating an account for a loss; rules for inherited Roth accounts.

Go Roth!
Your guide to the Roth IRA and other Roth accounts

by Kaye A. Thomas
Fairmark Press
2023 edition published July 2023
Trade paperback, 302 pages
ISBN 978-1-938797-15-6
Cover design by Laura Zavetz

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