Books from Fairmark Press

That Thing Rich People Do

That Thing Rich People Do offers the easiest way yet to learn the principles of investing. Weighing in at just 136 pages, it conveys more knowledge than books twice as long, with charm and humor that makes it a pleasure to read.

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Go Roth!

Go Roth! offers clear, practical advice on using a Roth IRA or a Roth account in a 401k or other employer plan to build retirement wealth.

The 2015 edition is currently available.

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Capital Gains, Minimal Taxes

Capital Gains, Minimal Taxes is a complete, authoritative guide to tax consequences and strategies for people who buy, hold and sell stocks, mutual funds and market-traded stock options.

The 2015 edition is now available.

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Consider Your Options

Consider Your Options is our plain language guide to the opportunities — and pitfalls — in handling stock options and other forms of equity compensation.

The 2019 edition, published December 2018, is currently available.

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Equity Compensation Strategies

Equity Compensation Strategies offers a course of study and reference for investment advisors and tax professionals who offer advice on how to handle stock options and other forms of equity compensation.

The 2014 edition, published November 2013, is currently available.

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