How to Use the Fairmark Forum

Questions and answers about using the Fairmark Forum.

Do I have to register?

You can browse all you want without registering. If you want to post a new message or a reply to an existing one, you have to register.

How do I register?

It’s easy:

  • Select the link that says “Login or Register.”
  • Select the link that says “Click here to register now.”
  • Fill out the quick registration form and submit it.
  • When the confirmation email arrives, click the link in the email to complete your registration.
  • Log in with the user name and password you selected.

Unless something happens to delay the email, the whole process takes less than a minute. Failure to receive the confirmation email usually means it was zapped by your spam filter.

How do I post a message?

If you’re responding to an existing message, just go to that message and select “Reply To This Message.”

Otherwise, you’re creating what we call a new topic. This is what you should do when you want to post a question or comment that isn’t a reply to an existing message:

  • Go to the appropriate forum for the type of question or message you want to post.
  • Select “New Topic.”

When responding to a message or posting a new topic you can choose to receive an email when someone responds, but this will happen only if you check the box for this selection.

What else should I know?

Registered users can select “My Control Center” to create a signature that will appear whenever you post a message. That would also be the place where you can change your password or choose to make your email address available to people who visit the Fairmark Forum. Note that your email address remains private unless you make this choice, and we never, ever, use these email addresses to send spam or make them available to anyone else for that purpose.

Click the “back” button on your browser or click here for the Fairmark Forum.