Your Investments

Use these links to get forms and pubs needed for your investments.

This page provides links to get forms and publications you may need to report income, deductions and credits relating to your investments. For items relating to IRAs and other retirement plans, see our page for work and retirement. There are two lists below:

  • Forms for Investments
  • IRS Publications for Investments

Forms for Investments

Schedule B Interest and Ordinary Dividend
Form  Instructions
Most taxpayers don't need this schedule unless they have $1,500 or more of interest income, or $1,500 or more of dividend income.
Schedule D Capital Gains and Losses
Form  Instructions
Use to report sales or involuntary conversions of capital assets, capital gain distributions, and nonbusiness bad debts. If your only capital gains are distributions from mutual funds, see Form 1040 instructions for line 13 to determine whether you need this schedule. Also see Your Investments.
Schedule D-1 Continuation Sheet for Schedule D
If you have too many sale transactions to fit on Schedule D, use one or more copies of this form to report the additional sales.
Form 4952 Investment Interest Expense
Form & Instructions
Use this form to determine the investment interest limitation and, if applicable, elect to treat some or all of your long-term capital gain as ordinary income.
Form 6198 At-Risk Limitations
Form  Instructions
Form 8271 Investor Reporting of Tax Shelter Registration Number
Form & Instructions
Form 8582 Passive Activity Loss Limitations
Form  Instructions
Form 8582-CR Passive Activity Credit Limitations
Form  Instructions
Form 8586 Low-Income Housing Credit
Form & Instructions
Form 8611 Recapture of Low-Income Housing Credit
Form & Instructions
Form 8815 Exclusion of Interest from U.S. Savings Bonds
Form & Instructions
If you cashed Series EE or I bonds issued after 1989 and had qualified higher education expenses you may be able to exclude interest using this form.

IRS Publications for Investments

Pub 527 Residential Rental Property
Includes information about rental of vacation homes.
Pub 541 Partnerships
Pub 544 Sales and Other Dispositions of Assets
Pub 550 Investment Income and Expenses
All the gritty details on virtually every type of investment. Includes a brief discussion of investment clubs.
Pub 551 Basis of Assets
Helpful in determining how much gain or loss you have in special situations.
Pub 564 Mutual Fund Distributions
The title of this publication is misleading because it also covers special rules for sales of mutual fund shares.
Pub 925 Passive Activity and At-Risk Rules

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