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Forms and Publications by Category

Form 1040 and Schedules
Forms 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ — and the schedules that go with these forms (such as Schedule A, for itemized deductions, and Schedule D for capital gains).
Your Family
Forms and publications relating to marriage and divorce; exemptions and other tax benefits for having children; reporting your child's income.
Your Itemized Deductions
Forms and publications relating to medical, charitable, casualty and other itemized deductions.
Your Home
Forms and publications related to buying, owning or selling a home, or moving from one home to another.
Your Education
Forms and publications for students, or for parents paying for a child's education.
Your Work and Retirement
Publications related to wages, IRAs and pensions; also particular jobs, from farmers to civil servants.
Your Business
If you're self-employed you may need these forms and publications.
Your Investments
Forms and publications related to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments.
Special Taxes
Alternative minimum tax (AMT), the tax on lump sum distributions, etc.
Foreign Connection
Forms and pubs for use by foreign individuals, or by U.S. individuals with income from foreign sources.
Withholding, Estimates and Extensions
Forms and publications relating to the time of filing and payment.
Dealing with the IRS
Learn your rights as a taxpayer, how to get relief from spousal liability, and other information on dealing with the IRS.

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