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Box 2b (Unrecaptured section 1250 gain)
Posted by: Mak Roberts, January 30, 2018 08:02PM
This is the first time I receive this from my mutual fund company for the amount of($5.73). I'm trying to do my return on forms to confirm the accuracy of results with Turbo Tax. For this amount it seems a lengthy and complicated process. Please correct me if I'm wrong and give me an advice. As it seems to me, I need to enter it on line 19 on schedule D, then fill out the Unrecaptured section 1250 gain worksheet-line 19, and from there I need to
fill out Schedule D Tax Worksheet(2 pages). My question is, is there a shortcut were I could enter this tiny amount without having to fill out all these forms. Thanks a lot.

Re: Box 2b (Unrecaptured section 1250 gain)
Posted by: Les Grans, February 10, 2018 08:49PM
Would you be more interested in the *accuracy* or the *precision* of your TurboTax results? I'm pretty sure the difference would not be greater than $0.30, which will round off to zero more than half of the time.

We've spent more $$ on electricity just logging in to our computers than the difference in tax.


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