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State Income Taxes and RSU
Posted by: boydra, February 10, 2017 03:59AM
RSU was granted while employed and living in Oklahoma. Transferred to Texas in 2015. RSU vested in 2016.

Received W2 showing taxable income/withholding for Oklahoma related to this RSU vesting.

Is this correct? I would think that my state of employment/residence at the time of vesting would be the determining factor


Re: State Income Taxes and RSU
Posted by: Kaye Thomas, February 11, 2017 09:10PM
States vary in their treatment of these items. I don't know Oklahoma's rule, but larger states like California and New York insist on an allocation of some kind to determine what portion of the award was earned while you were living or working in the state. Best bet is probably to contact HR to see what rule they applied and find out if they can point you to whatever guidance they relied on.

Kaye Thomas

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