AMT and Equity Compensation
Alternative minimum tax, nonqualified stock options, incentive stock options and other forms of equity compensation.
AMT w/ Standard Deduction
Posted by: kaneohe, January 13, 2015 02:05AM
Under some conditions it appears that AMT can appear
using the standard deduction. If actual state income/property taxes are used, there is no change in the total tax...normal goes lower/AMT goes higher but the total remains unchanged.

Under these conditions, does it matter (for anything else) whether the standard or itemized deduction is used?
e.g. might it affect things like the AMT FTC or anything else.

Re: AMT w/ Standard Deduction
Posted by: kaneohe, February 20, 2015 05:20PM
Sounds like it might affect NIIT. If I itemize, I think I use state income taxes to reduce the amount of NII subject to tax, but if I use the std deduction, I can't.

On the other hand ,if NIIT is limited by excess of AGI over threshold (rather than NII), then there is no advantage to itemizing.

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