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Form 56 and 1310
Posted by: nyacker, October 15, 2017 11:55PM
My mother passed away in late 2016. She died without a will and through the office of the register of wills at City Hall (Philadelphia), I was made administrator of her estate (no court hearings involved). I filed her taxes and after many weeks of it remaining in the "processing" stage I gave them a call. I was told by the IRS that I have to submit forms 56 and 1310 and am running into a few questions.

Form 56- Would I say that I am "court appointed of intestate estate (no valid will exists)". Does going through the register of wills mean I am court appointed even though there was no court involvement?

If yes, in Part III (Court and Administration Proceedings) of the form it asks for Name of court, date proceeding initiated, address of court, docket number of proceeding, address, date, time and place of proceedings. I am not sure how I would answer those questions.

Form 1310 asks similar questions, am I:
Court-appointed or certified personal representative (defined below). Attach a court certificate showing your appointment, unless previously filed (see instructions).

Person, other than A or B, claiming refund for the decedentís estate

I'd appreciate your help with this. Thank you in advance.

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