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Return of social security payments as foreigner
Posted by: 3376tdf, October 15, 2017 05:14PM
I am from France and have been working in the USA with a green card for 8.5 years. I have had FICA pulled from my paycheck for many years although I am still part of the french retirement system.


1) Is there someway to get a refund of money paid if I stop working today (ie. with less than the 10 years requirement)?
A) option 1—if I stay in USA as retiree
B) option 2-if I retire in france

2) If I stay working for 2 more years, does this change the answer to question #1 assuming I do not want to received monthly retirement payments under normal social security benefit rules.

Thanks much,

Re: Return of social security payments as foreigner
Posted by: Spirit Rider, October 15, 2017 06:17PM
1) No there is no way to receive a refund of anything but yearly excess employee contributions.

2) No.

However, there is quite likely a treaty between the U.S. and France on these issues. It "may" be possible that you can get credit in France for the years worked in the U.S or vice versa.

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