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ESA Distribution for computer
Posted by: Tom Stewart, June 7, 2017 02:17PM
I purchased a Macbook Pro laptop for my daughter who is enrolled and starts college in the Fall. Here is an itemization of the purchase and I'd appreciate thoughts as to which line items may permissibly be reimbursed from her Coverdell ESA:

1. Macbook Pro - $1,699.00
2. Applecare - $183.00
3. University loaner fee - $26.00
4. Protection Plan - $259.00
5. Sales Tax - $140.86

Items 2 & 4 are essentially insurance and item 3 allows for a loaner laptop during repair.

My guess is item 1 and, perhaps, the portion of item 5 attributable to item 1 are reimbursable. Am I close?

Thanks in advance,

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