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Sec 195 - start-up expenditures
Posted by: arbanas, April 18, 2017 09:15PM
Section 195 IRC appears to specifically exclude Property Taxes(section 164) and Mortgage Interest (section 163) as business start-up expenditures when they are allowable under section 163,164.

This is very clear to me in the case that the taxpayer has filed Schedule A in the years these expenses were paid.

My question is, if the taxpayer took the Standard Deduction in these years, are the expenses still disallowed as business start-up expenditures?

Thanks in advance!

ref: U.S. Code Title 26 Subtitle A Chapter 1 Subchapter B Part VI 195 (c)(1)(B)

"The term 'start-up expenditure' does not include any amount with respect to which a deduction is allowable under section 163(a), 164, or 174."

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