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FLI for NJ on W-2 form where does it go Federal/State return
Posted by: pattycake, February 21, 2010 03:36PM
I was doing boyfriends taxes & his W-2 form (NJ) for both Federal & state copies have an FLI (Family Leave Insurance) amount of $21.00 in box 17 in addition to his state income tax amount pf $300.00. I prepared his taxes using free TAX ACT software, but when it came to Box 17, it only gave you the ability to enter the state tax of $300.00 that was deducted, there was no way to do an add in & indicate the FLI, so I never put he amount on he federal return. I already filed the Federal form, so Im not going back to amend for $21.00. Does anyone know if the $21.00 was included in the state tax amount of $300.00, or where should I have entered it. I have not filed the NJ state tax return yet, so Im not sure if I put it on the NJ return either. PS. The FLI amount does not appear in Box 14 at all, where the unemployment or disability amounts are. If anything thats where I would have expected the FLI to appear.

Re: FLI for NJ on W-2 form where does it go Federal/State return
Posted by: LJM, February 25, 2010 12:29PM
TaxAct software does not recognize the "mandatory" NJ Family Leave deduction. It is deductible on Schedule A, as a "state income tax" the same way NJ "mandatory" Unemployment and Disability are deductible on the federal return.

The "Family Leave" deduction is NOT REPORTABLE on NJ-1040.


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